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Meet The Team

Diva Allie.jpg

Allie Williamson

Chief Diva in Charge

Diva Gwen Boutwell.jpg

Gwen Boutwell

Operations Manager - MS

Diva 1.jpg

Rachel Jergins

Human Resources Manager - MS

Brittany McCoskey_edited.jpg

Brittany McCosky

General Manager, MS

Meet the Divas

Barbara Williamson

Marketing Diva - MS

Renee Hearn.jpg

Renee Hearn

Scheduling Manager - MS

Diva Nash 6.jpg

Anna Sanchez

Nashville Manager - TN

Laina Kimbro2_edited.jpg

Laina Kimbro

Executive Assistant - TN

Meet the Divas

Diva Nash 10.jpg

Charissa Tackett

Inventory Manager TN

Diva Nash 8.jpg

Marlene Morales

Diva TN

Alma Meza 1.HEIC

Alma Meza

Diva TN

Efrain Villegas 1_edited.jpg

Efrain Villegas

Divo TN

Hannah Lee_edited.jpg

Hanna Lee

Diva MS

Manuel Sanchez 1_edited.jpg

Manuel Sanchez

Divo TN

Martina Jimenez_edited.jpg

Martina Jimenez

Diva TN

Silvia Gomez 1_edited.jpg

Silvia Gomez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 9.jpg

Lolita Mitchell

Assistant Manager TN

Diva Nash 7.jpg

Mirna Perez

Diva TN

Abril Matinez.HEIC

Abril Martinez

Diva TN

Efrain Cabnal 1_edited.jpg

Efrain Cabnal

Divo TN

Erika Guzman 1_edited.jpg

Erika Guzman

Diva TN

Lucia Amaya 2_edited.jpg

Lucia Amaya

Diva TN

Norma Gomez 1_edited.jpg

Norma Gomez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 2.jpg

Miranda Maria

Diva TN

Sonia Xol 1.HEIC

Sonia Xol

Diva TN

Ashley Armstrong.jpg

Ashley Armstrong

Diva MS

Juana Perez 1_edited.jpg

Juana Perez

Diva TN

Kathy Walker_edited.jpg

Kathy Walker

Diva MS

Nansys Castillo_edited.jpg

Nansys Castillo

Diva TN

Olga Lopez 1_edited.jpg

Olga Lopez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 12.jpg

Cecilia Montoya

Diva TN

Diva Nash 15.jpg

Wanda Washington

Diva TN

Cecilia Montoya  1.HEIC

Cecilia Montoya

Diva TN



Divo TN

Leslie Gomez 1_edited.jpg

Leslie Gomez

Diva TN

Norma Espinoza 2_edited.jpg

Norma Espinoza

Diva TN

Olga Villamil_edited.jpg

Olga Villamil

Diva TN


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