Meet The Team

Diva Allie.jpg

Allie Williamson

Chief Diva in Charge

Diva Gwen Boutwell.jpg

Gwen Boutwell

Operations Manager - MS

Diva 1.jpg

Rachel Jergins

Human Resources Manager - MS

Meet the Divas

Barbara Williamson

Marketing Diva - MS

Renee Hearn.jpg

Renee Hearn

Scheduling Manager - MS

Diva Nash 6.jpg

Anna Sanchez

Nashville Manager - TN

Meet the Divas

Ashleigh Armstrong.png

Ashleigh Armstrong

Diva MS.

Diva 2.jpg

Hanna Lee

Diva - MS

Diva Nash 12.jpg

Cecilia Montoya

Diva TN

Diva Nash 15.jpg

Wanda Washington

Diva TN

Diva Nash 10.jpg

Charissa Tackett

Inventory Manager TN

Diva Nash 9.jpg

Lolita Mitchell

Assistant Manager TN

Diva Nash 8.jpg

Marlene Morales

Diva TN

Diva Nash 16.jpg

Candice Evans

Hiring Manager TN

Diva Nash 3.jpg

Olga Lopez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 7.jpg

Mirna Perez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 4.jpg

Norma Gomez

Diva TN

Diva Nash 2.jpg

Miranda Maria

Diva TN

Diva Nash 14.jpg

Anette Sanchez

Diva TN


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