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Meet Allie

Allie Williamson is the Owner and CEO of Southern Domestic Diva, a multi- services cleaning company operating out of Southwest Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee. Allie has always had big aspirations and knew from an early age she wanted to make an impact. In 2004 Allie graduated from Lawrence County High School in Monticello, MS, a small town in Southwest Mississippi which started her love for community and hospitality. From there she went on to college and graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a degree in Hospitality Management. After graduating she was offered a job in Fairhope, Alabama to start her hospitality career at the Grand Marriott. From there she held several jobs in the hospitality industry working her way through sales, and eventually landed a job at RJ Young in Nashville, TN in October of 2013.

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Southern Domestic Diva

While Allie loved her roles in the corporate world, she still had a desire to make a real impact and knew she was meant for bigger things. While still working at RJ Young, Allie decided to clean a few houses after hours to make extra cash for the Holidays. Allie would get off work from her 9-5 corporate job, change clothes, grab a bottle of Pine-Sol and her vacuum and clean houses each afternoon. Her initial success encouraged her to leave the corporate world and begin her entrepreneurial journey in 2014 and Southern Domestic Diva was formed. In 2019 she decided to make an impact in her hometown and started the Southwest Mississippi division of Southern Domestic Diva. Fast forward seven years later, Allie now employs over 60 Southern Domestic Divas. She has grown an empire of woman who are empowered to reach their full potentials. With a heart for giving back to the community, Allie is involved in numerous nonprofits throughout the Nashville area and frequently volunteers’ services for events benefiting the area.  With over 60% of her workforce being the Latino community, Allie has a desire to learn more about the culture and be involved in non-profits benefiting this community. Allie and her team serve over 800 clients in Southwest Mississippi and the Nashville Metropolitan area with residential, commercial, and vacation rental cleaning as well as vacation rental property management. Allie’s goal is to be your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs. With over 10 years of cleaning experience, Southern Domestic Diva has the tools and resources to provide unmatched cleaning services which always include a touch of southern hospitality.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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